All grooming sessions include:

  • Bath, brush, dry and clip if desired.
  • All shampoo types.
  • Face, feet and sanitary areas trimmed.
  • Nail trim.
  • Ears cleaned, hair plucked if needed.
  • Anal sacs expressed.
  • Bows or kerchief.

If your dog needs a place to hang out with friends while you're busy, click on the paw print for info about our Dog Daycare!

Now you can get a fantastic haircut for your dog without ever leaving home.  We will come to YOU!


How's that for convenience?


Your dog will feel safer and more comfortable at home, where we will bathe and groom her, and she won’t have to spend most of the day in a crate waiting for her turn. With one brief housecall your dog will be the most fetching dog on the block!


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How much does it cost?

Ultimately, it depends on a few things, such as coat condition, size and temperament, to be assessed by the groomer.  Here are the base prices:


Small Breeds:  $40 to $60.

Chihuahuas, mini Poodles, Shih Tzus, Yorkies, etc.


Medium-sized Breeds:  $55 to $75.

Spaniels, most Terrier mixes.


Large Breeds: $75 to $125.

Retrievers, Labradors, Collies, Shepherds, Doodles, etc.


Extra Large Breeds:  $85 to $120.

Saint Bernards, Old English Sheepdogs, Newfies, etc.



  • Nail polish on non-poodle feet +$5.
  • Blueberry facial +$5.
  • Deep conditioner +$5.
  • Mandatory flea bath (if we encounter fleas) +$5
  • De-matting +$15 per half hour.
  • De-skunking +$50 per hour.
  • Sunday appointment (when available) +$50
  • Emergency appointment +$50


Our typical radius is 15 miles.  Anything beyond the 15 mile radius is $1 per mile extra.

Mobile Pet Grooming!

Seriously, we're here to help!  Just give us a call if you have any questions!


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Mobile Pet Grooming and Dog Daycare!

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